Claire Hitchings Coaching

The Story Behind the Claire Hitchings Coaching Logo


There's always a story behind a's mine! 

For my logo I wanted something striking that represents what Claire Hitchings Coaching is all about. There's three inspirations:

1. The swimmer, cyclist and runner represent my love of triathlon. Can you spot them? (there's clues below if you are struggling).

2. I 'borrowed' from cycling the iconic world champion rainbow stripes they award to World Champions to represent the pinnacle of my triathlon career - winning the 2013 ITU Sprint Triathlon Age Group World Championships.

3. I love butterflies...their transformation from a larva to a butterfly is magical and beautiful. The butterfly represents much of what coaching is about - helping athletes transform and spread their wings and fly!

And so, the Claire Hitchings Coaching brand was born. 


1. The swimmer: at the top, diving in. She shares her head with the cyclist's.

2. The cyclist: look for the two black circles - they're the bike wheels.

3. The runner: her head is the front bike wheel.


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