Coping with being a bit p@nts!

12th September 2019

Coping with being a bit p@nts!

Returning to training after a long lay-off is an interesting one. Part of you is chomping at the bit to get back and the other part of you is dreading it, as you know all your numbers are going to be p@nts!

Fortunately for me, the part of me desperate to get back is definitely winning over any dwelling on poor numbers. Iím back and Iím totally loving it.

Iíve got a slightly altered attitude to training in that the odd time it feels a bit like a chore I give myself a slap! Then I focus on being grateful to be able to get the feel-good hormones Iím addicted to; and actually, that feeling is the same whatever your wattage or pace.

A while back, I watched an interview with Jess Ennis-Hill and her coach about her returning to training and racing after having a baby. Their strategy was to have post-baby PBs (personal bests) and not to compare to her pre-baby PBs. In a similar way, Iíve made a conscious effort to do different training sessions and ride and run new routes. Even when I felt my running was at a stage that it was worth doing some 5ks I deliberately chose a parkrun Iíd never done before. Limiting opportunities for comparisons has definitely worked as Iíve loved this block of training.

Also, there is a positive of being a bit p@nts: each session you get a little less p@nts! Gains are a bit easier than when you're flying.

And to the person who has been Hitchings Strava QOM huntiní during my hiatusÖIím back hon! 😉

Author: Claire Hitchings


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